Club Rules

Rules of the Club

  1. Name, Address, Proprietor and Constitution

(a) The name of the Club is “Les Ambassadeurs Club” and its address is 5 & 6 Hamilton Place, London W1J 7ED (called the “Club”).

(b) The Club is owned and operated by Les Ambassadeurs Club Limited (called the “Proprietor”).

(c) The Proprietor will provide to the Club premises and all reasonable facilities necessary for carrying out the activities of the Club in accordance with its general function and these rules. The Proprietor will be solely responsible for all expenses incurred in operating the Club, for the engagement, dismissal and payment of staff and for catering; and all other matters, which involve the disbursement of money or the incurring of costs. The Proprietor shall appoint an administrator of the Club (called the “Administrator”) who shall have the responsibilities for the day-to-day management of the Club.

(d) These rules shall be known as the Rules and shall govern the operation of the Club. It is a condition of membership of the Club that all members agree to be bound by the Rules (as amended from time to time).

2. Objects

The Club has been formed for the furtherance of non-political, social, and recreational activities, to provide and maintain a club of a high class with the provision of good food and refreshments, and for gaming and entertainment in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and the gaming rules of the Club (as amended from time to time).

3. General Committee

The affairs of the Club shall be under the control of a general committee (called the “General Committee”), which shall exercise the powers given it by these Rules and such other powers of management, as may from time to time be delegated to it by the Proprietor. The General Committee shall elect its own Chairman but any resolutions signed by any company director of the Proprietor, shall take effect as though it were the resolution of the General Committee at a meeting duly convened and held.

4. Members of General Committee

The constitution of the General Committee shall be as follows:

(a) All of the company directors and managers of the Proprietor shall be ex officio members whilst they hold such appointment.

(b) The Administrator of the Club who shall be an ex officio member during his or her term of appointment.

5. General Committee Meetings

(a) The General Committee shall meet as often as may be necessary at such dates and times as they may determine. A meeting of the General Committee may be requisitioned at any time by any member of the General Committee on notice to a Committee member present on the premises.

(b) Any two members of the General Committee shall form a quorum.

6. Membership

(a) The Club shall where appropriate consist of members or will offer temporary memberships from time to time, for commercial reasons.

(b) Ladies and Gentlemen of a good social standing and not less than 18 years of age are eligible for membership.

7. Proposals for Membership and Due Diligence

(a) Each member and candidate for membership shall provide the Proprietor with such photographic evidence of identity, proof of all nationalities held, and proof of their residential address and business address (which must be physical addresses rather than a post office or “care of” address) as the Proprietor shall require.

(b) Each member and candidate for membership shall also provide to the Proprietor on request such information, and where necessary proof, as the Proprietor shall require in respect of their source of revenue and source of wealth and such other information concerning their business interests and associates as the Proprietor considers necessary to comply with its obligations under the Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and Transfer of Funds (Information on the Payer) Regulations 2017 and/or other applicable law or regulations. Such information and/or proof may be requested by the Proprietor, and must be provided by the member or candidate, at the time of an application for membership and/or from time to time during the period of membership

(c) No person shall be admitted to any of the privileges of membership if the General Committee, in its absolute discretion, refuses an application for membership.

8. Membership Fees

(a) A membership fee, where appropriate, shall become due and payable on the election of a member and reoccurring on an annual basis.

(b) Membership fees will be disclosed in advance on an annual basis, and will be based in part on the historical benefits and services utilised by the member.

9. Premium Player Programme

(a) A Premium Player Programme may be made available via invitation from the Administrator or delegate.

(b) Participants in the Premium Player Programme will, from time to time, be provided with opportunities to participate in bonus pay-outs on outcomes that may enhance the odds of winning.  Bonuses will be automatically placed in a Premium Player Account Reserve and used to provide bespoke benefits. Results are based on all recorded stakes wagered, less all prizes distributed.

(c) Acceptance and use of any benefits from the Proprietor will automatically enrol you in the Programme and deem your consent to the terms and conditions of the Programme.

(d) Complete details are available by contacting the Administrator.

10. Address of Members and Notices

(a) Each member shall inform the Proprietor forthwith in writing of any changes to their residential address or business address and provide proof of such new address. Members must provide their physical residential and business addresses (not merely a post office or “care of” address). A post office or “care of” address may be provided for correspondence. 

(b) Any notice required by these Rules to be given, may be sent by pre-paid letter or email addressed to the member at the last physical or address which they have furnished to the Proprietor. If posted to a UK address, the notice shall be deemed to have been delivered two working days after posting; if posted to an address outside the UK, the notice shall be deemed to have been delivered seven working days after posting.

11. Rights and Liabilities of Members

(a) Every member of the Club shall, subject to these Rules, be entitled to use and enjoy (in common with other members of the Club) the Club premises and the facilities provided by the Proprietor but shall not by reason of their membership alone be under any financial liability for the day-to-day costs of the Proprietor.  Some areas of the Club may be reserved for certain members only.

(b) The Proprietor may either deny access to anyone acting in a disorderly manner or anyone who in its judgement is intoxicated or otherwise of impaired ability, or may ask him or her to leave the Club.

(c) Members and their guests are: Prohibited from bringing alcohol or illegal drugs onto the premises and may be refused entry if attempting to enter the premises with alcoholic beverages or if found in possession of illegal substances, and

(i) Prohibited from bringing alcohol or illegal drugs onto the premises and may be refused entry if attempting to enter the premises with alcoholic beverages or if found in possession of illegal substances, and

(ii) Expected to be suitably attired.

(d) In the interests of safety members and their guests must be prepared to permit the inspection of any hand luggage, bags, carriers or the like.

(e) No member or guest may participate in gaming in the Club on behalf of any person not present on the premises at the time, and no member shall participate or endeavour to participate unless he or she is present in the Club at the time.

(f) For the comfort of all members and their guests, mobile phones or other portable devices may not be used whilst gaming or in the presence of gaming whilst other members are playing.

(g) Cameras, or any other recording or transmitting device may not be used in the Club without express permission.

(h) The Proprietor will not discriminate, nor knowingly permit others to discriminate, against staff or members and their guests on the grounds of sex, age, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, marital/civil partnership status, pregnancy/maternity, religion and/or belief. The Proprietor may suspend or terminate a membership if the member discriminates against staff, another member or a guest on any of these grounds.

(i) The Proprietor will not tolerate disruptive behaviour. Behaviour will be deemed ‘disruptive’ if the Proprietor’s property is intentionally damaged or threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting words or behaviour are used towards the members, their guests and any staff members, or if the member is under the influence of illegal drugs or excessive alcohol.

12. Guests

(a) Members may introduce and entertain guests (being not less than 18 years of age) at the Club. The guest shall be required to provide the Proprietor with such identification and other personal information, including all nationalities held, residential address and business address, as the Proprietor shall require.

(b) The introducing member shall be responsible for their guest strictly observing the Rules. Members are responsible for their guests; therefore, members must remain with their guests at all times and, when the member leaves, their guests must leave too.

(c) A member shall not introduce more than six guests on any one occasion except with prior approval of a member of the General Committee, subject to the capacity of the Club.

(d) No person whose membership has been cancelled or suspended under Rule 16 or whose application for membership of the Club has ever been rejected or cancelled under Rule 7 shall at any time be introduced as a guest except with the prior approval of one of the General Committee.

(e) A guest may be refused admittance to or be asked to leave the Club at any time at the absolute discretion of one of the General Committee and without any reason being given.

(f) Any guest who is unable or unwilling to provide photographic proof of identification and acceptable proof of all nationalities held and their residential and/or business address on entry to the Club may be permitted access to the Club at the discretion of the Proprietor’s Management on one occasion but must provide suitable identification if they enter a second time. Notwithstanding the absence of suitable identification documentation, the guest will be required to provide, verbally, identification and such other details as may be from time to time required by the Proprietor and the Proprietor will obtain and retain on a file a photograph of the guest for identification purposes.  A guest who has not produced suitable identification verification documentation and/or other details will be prohibited from purchasing, exchanging, paying or staking, unless and until they provide such documents and/or details and until the Proprietor in its absolute discretion approves the guest for gaming.

13. Confidentiality, Privacy, Data Collection and Data Processing

a) Members are required to respect the confidentiality of other members’ affairs, which are conducted on the Club premises, and must not under any circumstances divulge such matters to persons unconnected to the Club.

b) As part of the application process, all candidates for membership, and Guests are offered a copy of the Club’s Privacy Policy. This is also published and available within the Club and on the Club website [,] and is emailed to all Members and Guests. The Proprietor will obtain and use personal data about Members and/or their Guests in accordance with the Club’s Privacy Policy and Data Protection legislation.

c) Members are not permitted to use any recording device comprising imagery or audio or both, on the premises. Members may not use any device that transmits live imagery from inside the Club or of its staff or customers external to the premises.

d) As set out in the Privacy Policy, the Proprietor is required by law to process and retain certain information provided by Members, candidates for membership and/or Guests and/or obtained by the Proprietor pursuant to the Privacy Policy, whether or not, their membership application is granted, and/or they remain a member of the Club.

14. Security

The Proprietor may employ the use of security cameras with audio recording and/or other security systems, both inside and outside the premises for the purposes of ensuring the safety and security of the Club and its members and guests and to detect and prosecute crime.  Without limitation, the Club will prosecute cheating on its gaming tables and machines, fraud, theft and offences created under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.  

15. Bye-Laws

The General Committee may from time to time make, vary and revoke bye-laws (not inconsistent with these Rules) for the regulation of the internal affairs of the Club and the conduct of members and their guests. Bye-laws shall be deemed to be incorporated into the Rules of the Club.

16. Cancellation and Suspension of Membership

(a) The General Committee may in its absolute discretion at any time without notice and for any reason cancel the membership of any member of the Club without giving any explanation.

(b) Any member whose membership is cancelled under this Rule 16 shall immediately be excluded from the Club, shall forfeit all the privileges of membership including any uncrystallised loyalty or other bonuses and shall immediately pay any sums due to the Proprietor.

(c) The General Committee may in its absolute discretion at any time and without notice and for any reason suspend from membership any member of the Club without giving any explanation.

(d) Any person whose membership is suspended under this rule shall immediately be excluded from the Club and shall during such suspension forfeit all the privileges of membership and shall immediately pay any sums due to the Proprietor.

17. Safer Gambling

(a) The Proprietor is bound to comply with the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (“LCCP”) published by the Gambling Commission and as amended from time to time. Members are required to abide by these and a copy is available on the website of the Gambling Commission at
In accordance with the LCCP, the Proprietor makes available to any member who is unable to control their gambling the option to self-exclude for a minimum period of 6 months. Customers may self-exclude from all casinos in the UK via the Self Enrolment National Self Exclusion scheme (SENSE) for a minimum period of 6 months. Under the SENSE scheme, customers wishing to self-exclude can do so from any UK land-based casino. Once a customer has asked to be excluded through the SENSE scheme the customer’s information is available to all casinos across the country and their details will be removed from all land-based casino marketing databases. If you do not wish to enrol on SENSE by visiting a casino premises you can download the enrolment form, from which must be printed, fully completed and signed by hand, before emailing. All enrolment forms must be accompanied by a recent photo, photographic proof of identification (scan of driving licence or passport) and proof of address i.e. a scan of a current bill.

(b) Whilst the Proprietor will use its best endeavours to prevent any self-excluded person from gambling at the Club during their period of self-exclusion, the Proprietor shall not be liable for any loss incurred by any member or guest who nevertheless gambles during such period.

(c) In consideration of us permitting entry to the casino, the following terms are applicable to, and binding upon, (a) persons entering or seeking to enter this casino who self-exclude from gambling or have self-excluded from gambling via SENSE and (b) any third party who seeks to enter and gamble in this casino on behalf of any such person:

1)           Persons who self-exclude (or have self-excluded) via SENSE agree not to enter or attempt to enter any casino premises (and not to seek, request, procure or otherwise encourage any third party to enter or attempt to enter any casino premises to gamble on their behalf) whilst enrolled on the SENSE scheme and, should any such person do so or attempt to do so otherwise than to exercise his or her right to be removed from SENSE, he or she will be considered to have breached that agreement.

2)           Neither this casino nor the company that operates this casino (or any of its staff) will be liable for any matter whatsoever if any person who has self-excluded via SENSE enters, or any third party on his or her behalf enters, this casino whilst self-excluded through the SENSE scheme and he or she is and/or any such third party is able to gamble.

3) Persons who self-exclude (or have self-excluded) via SENSE accept and agree that if they gamble, or if any third party on their behalf gambles, in this casino whilst they are enrolled with SENSE, otherwise than in circumstances considered by the management of this casino in their sole discretion to be exceptional:
(a) money or money’s worth staked by them, or by any such third party on their behalf, and any winnings arising therefrom will be forfeited and
(b) gambling losses incurred by them, or by any such third party where they have gambled on their behalf, will not be reimbursed.

4) In the above respect, “money or money’s worth staked” includes (without limitation) not only money, money’s worth, gambling chips and/or tokens paid to and accepted by this casino in respect of a gambling transaction but also
(a) gambling chips and/or tokens in respect of which, in advance of any gambling transaction taking place, money and/or money’s worth has been exchanged and / or
(b) money, money’s worth, gambling chips and/or tokens which have been inserted into a gaming machine or gambling terminal (whether or not any gambling transaction has taken place).

18. Resignation of Members

Notice of the resignation of any member must be given in writing and shall take effect when received by the Proprietor.

19. Club Property, Members’ and Guests’ Property

(a) No member or a guest shall remove any property, newspaper, periodical or other thing belonging to the Proprietor from the Club premises without the permission of an officer of the Club.
(b) The Club, members of the General Committee and the Proprietor do not accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to members’ or guests’ property on the premises, whether or not entrusted to the care of the Proprietor or its employees.

20. Bills and Funds

(a) Members must pay their bills before they leave the Club premises unless they have written authority from the Proprietor not to do so.
(b) The Proprietor reserves the right to withhold funds where there is knowledge or suspicion that those funds have been exclusively or partly obtained and/or transferred unlawfully whilst full investigations are concluded.
(c) The Proprietor has a contractual right of set off. The Proprietor may at its sole discretion withhold from members and/or their guests the payment of stakes and/or winnings, including funds held in a Premium Player Account for the purposes of recovery (in whole, or in part) of outstanding debts owed to the Proprietor. Members authorise the Proprietor, in its absolute discretion, to apply any and all chips they may redeem to reduce any outstanding debts owed to the Proprietor.
(d) Members acknowledge that the Proprietor will seek to recover any debts incurred by the member in full and will be entitled to interest at the rate of 18% per annum of such a debt from the date it was incurred. Members agree to pay the Proprietor’s costs of collecting any debt incurred by them, including legal fees and costs.

21. Mail

No member of the Club shall give the Club as their address for any purpose.

22. Use of Club Name

No member of the Club shall use the name or membership of the Club for any form of advertising whatsoever whether the reference to the Club or membership is made on notepaper, business cards, and business premises or in any other way whatsoever.

23. Animals

Animals (other than guide dogs) are not allowed in the Club.

24. Opening Hours

The Club shall be open and prepared to receive members daily during such hours as the Proprietor shall determine from time to time.

25. Liquor Licensing Hours

The sale or supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club shall be as determined by statutory provision and local regulation.  The Proprietor reserves the right to cease serving alcohol to any individual without giving a reason

26. Gaming

(a) Members and their guests are personally responsible for the frequency and financial commitment they outlay on their gaming activity. The Proprietor will not be held liable for any member’s or their guest’s losses incurred in gaming. The Proprietor will vigorously pursue, including resorting to legal processes, any debt incurred by a member or their guests, in any jurisdiction.
(b) No game of chance shall be played in the Club otherwise than in accordance with the Proprietor’s written rules for such game, the Gambling Act 2005, the regulations made thereunder and any other statutes applicable thereto and for the time being in force.
(c) No device (whether electrical, mechanical or otherwise), trick or deception may be used by any person whether on or off the premises for the purpose of which is intended to gain an unfair advantage in or to influence any gaming in the Club. Breach of this rule will invalidate any gaming so affected and any winnings or stakes hazarded in connection therewith shall be forfeited.
(d) Gaming chips issued by the Proprietor remain the property of the Proprietor and must be returned or redeemed (as appropriate) on demand. If gaming chips issued by the Proprietor are taken outside the Club, they are non-transferable without the written consent of the Proprietor.
(e) No lending of money between members (or their guests) is permitted.
(f) The Proprietor is prohibited from providing any credit in connection with gambling, or participating in, arranging, permitting or knowingly facilitating the giving of credit in connection with gambling. Therefore:
(i) The Proprietor will not accept payment for gaming chips with a credit card;
(ii) The Proprietor will not provide cash back facilities for use with credit cards. Members are free to use the ATM and EVERI machines located on the Club’s premises.
(g) No gaming transactions whatsoever, whilst in a defaulted status, negate a member’s responsibility to pay outstanding amounts due.

27. Members’ Deposited Funds

(a) Any funds deposited by members for use in future gambling are held in a Les Ambassadeurs Club bank account and will be made available for the member to draw down.
(b) A deposit will be regarded as inactive if the member has not visited the Club for a period of two years. In these circumstances, the funds will be returned to the member, subject to applicable laws and regulations. If the member cannot be located or refuses to accept repayment, the Proprietor may dispose of the funds in its absolute discretion.
(c) Monies deposited and held by the Proprietor are subject to rules of the Proprietor, in force from time to time. In accordance with the requirements of the Gambling Commission’s Operating Licence Conditions, you are advised that funds held on deposit are not protected in the event of the Proprietor’s insolvency. This includes all monies held in customer accounts whether through transfer, chip or cash deposited or funds in a player account that has been earned.

28. Complaints and Disputes

(a) All complaints shall be delivered in writing to the Administrator or a director of the Club who shall bring them to the notice of the General Committee. Any complaints shall be investigated and dealt with by the General Committee as it sees fit. No member or guest may reprimand an employee of the Proprietor.
(b) Any complaints or disputes about the conduct or outcome of gaming within the Club will be dealt with in accordance with the Proprietor’s written Gaming Disputes Resolution Procedure. Members will be provided with the opportunity to refer any unresolved complaint or dispute to the Independent Betting Adjudication Service (IBAS)
(c) These Rules and any dispute arising out of or in connection with the Rules or otherwise in the course of a member’s membership shall be governed by English law. Members irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales in respect of any such dispute. Members agree that they may not bring proceedings against the Proprietor in any jurisdiction other than England and Wales. At its election, the Proprietor may bring proceedings against any member in the Courts of England and Wales and/or any other court with jurisdiction. To the extent permitted by law, the Proprietor may take concurrent proceedings in any number of jurisdictions.

29. Alterations, Revocation etc, of Rules

These Rules may be altered, revoked or supplemented at any time by the Proprietor. These Rules, as amended from time to time, shall be kept posted up on a notice board or prominently displayed on an electronic device in the Club for the information of members and all members shall be deemed to have full knowledge thereof.

30. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

These Rules and any dispute arising out of or in connection with it and/or Les A’s collection, processing, use and/or disclosure of Personal Data shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. You agree that you irrevocably submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales in respect of any such dispute. You agree that you may not bring proceedings in respect of any such dispute against Les A in any jurisdiction other than England and Wales.

(Version 10.3: 4 Jan 2020)